how to make a window sill

If you are into décor, then you love the idea of a window sill. Most homes or apartments come with a plain, dull window that doesn’t mesmerize at all. Hence, this is where some renovation comes into place to improve the aesthetics of your window.

Window sill, when properly installed, can give you beautiful windows and guarantee a stare from your visitors anytime. Moreover, you’ll benefit from a good looking home, because, let’s face it, we all want our homes to make a statement.o

But, how do you make a window sill? Well, it’s a process, but not impossible. So, this article explains the exact needed DIY steps to create a window sill.

Read on to get more informed about the topic.

1. Remove and Clean the Drywall

Before making the new stool, you’ll first have to obliterate the drywall layer. Once you are through with that, clean the whole area to remove any bits of plaster, dirt, or cement crumbs.

This is done to establish a level field for the new template that you’ll place when making the window sill.

2. Create a Template

So, you’ve removed the drywall layer, cleaned and levelled the working area. What now follows is making a template for the new window sill. When making the template, cardboard is the most preferred material for the foundation, whether old or new.

Cut it into shape accordingly so that it fits as a template on your window. This gives you more cutting accuracy when you decide to shape your sill. Moreover, you’ll avoid unnecessary damage to your window.

3. Cut the Window Sill

Use the same measurements from the cardboard template to cut your window sill. You can do this using a handsaw or jigsaw; it depends on which one you have. But before cutting your sill into shape, first ascertain the measurements at least twice, to be on the safe side.

You can also check if the sill fits, while you keep on with this process.

4. Install the Finished Sill

After cutting the sill into shape, installing it should be what follows. Apply glue (no specifics) on the cleaned area of the window stool. Spread the glue accordingly and lay the cut window sill on top of it.

Hold the sill down for a minimum amount of time; say a minute, and make sure that it fits accordingly. This is to cover any gaps that might shorten the sill’s lifespan. Once this is done, you can now screw the window sill into place.

5. Finishing Touches

After installing your new window sill, it’s evident that you still have a few things to do. First of all, ensure that you fill up any holes, and paint the sill according to your preferred color.

When you accomplish that, clean the new window sill, working area, and enjoy your modern décor.

When you follow these processes to the end, you are assured of having a really good looking home or office that you are proud to associate yourself with.

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